Top 5 Best Activities for Your Pet Bulldog During Winter

english bulldog activitiesWinter is not a good time to play with your bulldog outside. It’s snowy, cold and the pavements are slippery making the whole play thing uncomfortable and unsafe. Fortunately you and your dog can still enjoy the company of each other indoors. Below are five activities that will make your Winter even more fun.

The Laser Pointer Game
The laser pointer not only puzzles cats, it also has the same effect on dogs. Your fur ball will love chasing the mysterious little dot and will not stop until they catch the elusive spot. You can also use this game to teach your dogs to follow commands. Guide your dogs to a spot with the laser pointer and associate it with a command, provide a treat afterwards. Fun learning time for you and your dog!

The Treat Hunt
Prepare some treats for your dog and hide them around the house. This will put your dog’s nose to a test. Guide him to locate the first one and say “find the treat”. They’ll go around soon after looking for the rest. Run around the house with your dog as he or she finds the rest of the treats.

The Stairs Game
This game will give your dog the exercise he needs as this game is comparable to the “game of fetch” in the wide grounds. Sit on top of the stairs and start throwing his favourite toy down for him to catch. Give him treats as reward for bringing the toy back. A few minutes into this game and he’ll be panting away.

Hide and Seek
This is one perfect indoor game both you and your dog will enjoy. Have your dog sit and stay as you hide somewhere in the house. When you’re ready, call them or say your release word then be quiet as he seeks for you. Your dog’s senses will help him find you and if he does, offer him a treat and an extra scratch. Do this several times until he gets tired.

Learning Course
This game will not only entertain your dog but will teach him a lot of things as well. A table, for example, will help him understand simple commands like “on” to make him stay on top and “under” for him to crawl underneath. A simple “around” will teach him to go around the table. Give treats to make this game more exciting.

These are just 5 of the many activities you and your pet bulldog can do indoors. Be creative and give treats and scratches as needed.


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