Tips When Buying English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

tips when buying English bulldog puppies for saleHaving a pet is really a rewarding experience. However, not everyone is privileged to have furry friends at home due to allergies or other unwanted situations. That is why, if you happen to have the time and the capability to care for a pet, you should really consider grabbing the opportunity. Nonetheless, it should not be forgotten that having an animal at home entails a great deal of responsibility. Caring for animals should not be taken lightly and done in an impulse. So if you have plans of buying a puppy, read on and take these tips by heart.

1. Is the English bulldog the right breed for you?

Before going to the pet shop to get a dog, make sure that your living arrangement is really fit for a canine. Do you have a loved one who’s allergic to dog fur? Do you have kids or babies who may require you to provide more attention to your pet? Will there be someone who will look after the dog when you’re at work or on vacation? Are you capable of taking care of an English bulldog? As you can see, they’re different from other breeds that mature between 12 to 18 months and live up to 20 years. This breed matures at 36 months and its life expectancy is only between 7 to 10 years. They also have a weird anatomical structure which requires more care and attention. They’re also relatively small and have inconsistent energy levels. So are you up for the challenge?

2. Get the pup from the right breeder.

Just as when you’re investing on a house, a car or appliances, you also need to make sure that the breeder you’ll choose is trusted and reputable. It’s a pet we’re talking about here and you surely do not want to take a dog home and then later face depression due to the passing away of your beloved pet just a few weeks later. So do your research. Ask friends or loved ones for referrals. Check online resources for feedback and reviews. Make sure that the breeder you’ll pick out is legally authorized to sell pups in the first place and that they’re providing initial medical procedures such as regular check-ups and vaccinations on their canines.

3. Pick the right type of bulldog.

According to experts, there are about 5 different sub-types of bulldogs and each has its own characteristics whether physical or behavioral. Some are rebellious and dominant which falls a little on the feisty side. Some are self-assured and independent which is great if you don’t like attending to pets every minute of the day. Some are obedient and stable behavior wise. Some are affectionate and needy. And there are also those which are unpredictable. You would know which among the pups is right for you by letting the breeder know about your living arrangement, your lifestyle and also your expectations as a pet owner.

4. Check on the dog’s vaccination and medical records.  

When buying bulldogs, you have to ensure that they’re of the right age. They should not be taken away from their mothers too early. In fact, experts say that the earliest should be at 7 weeks. You also have to carefully check on the dog’s medical records before taking him home. He should be vaccinated and should have also undergone check-ups to make sure that he’s okay. Doing so will not only ensure that he’s healthy but that you and your loved ones are also protected against rabies and other issues per se.

We hope that you loved these tips we shared on how to buy English bulldog puppies for sale. If you need a pup right now, just give Family Bulldog a call at (305) 748-6580 and our bulldog specialist will help you out!

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