How To Properly Bathe Your English Bulldog

how to properly bathe your English bulldogGrooming and hygiene are also part of your responsibilities as a pet owner. Just like us, they also need to have their teeth brushed, their fur combed and their bodies cleaned. Bathing will not only keep their hair shiny or prevent them from smelling nasty. It will also keep them healthy and free from allergies, skin infections and incessant hair-shedding. Yes, you read that right. When your English bulldog doesn’t take a bath for days (or weeks), it will shed hair like crazy. It will also be prone to having dry and itchy skin which will sooner or later develop to scabies. So take care of your furry canine friends! Bathe them regularly and properly! Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

1. Pet owners usually wash their dirty bulldogs outdoors. But if yours isn’t especially dirty, you can just give him a bath in a bathtub or in the sink. Just make sure that you’ll put a non-slip mat so that your canine won’t hurt himself.

2. Prepare your supplies. You’ll need a gentle dog shampoo, cotton balls, an eye ointment, cotton swabs, wet cloth and also a hairdryer. Once you’ve gathered all the things that you’ll need, prepare the bath water. Remember that it should not be too cold or too hot for the dog. It be approximately 102 degrees Fahrenheit, the same as the dog’s normal body temperature. Also note that you should not put too much water in the tub. It should be at the same level as his knees.

3. Prepare your furry friend. Brush his fur gently to get rid of tangled and loose locks. Place a cotton ball on each of his ears to prevent water from getting into the ear canals. Lastly, get his eye ointment and apply it on each of his eyes. This should serve as protection against the stinging content of shampoo. To make sure you’re using the right ointment and shampoo for your dog, consult your vet.

4. Now let’s get down to business. Don’t wash his face and head yet. Simply focus on the rest of his body.  Start by wetting your canine’s fur using a reliable water hose. Don’t set the water pressure too high so that you won’t hurt your pet. Remember to rinse all his body parts, especially his wrinkles and skin-folds.

5. Now apply the dog shampoo generously. Lather him with love and rub his body to get rid of the smell and dirt. Get the wet cloth you prepared and use it to rub between his toes and clean his skin-folds. Oh and don’t forget to give his tail some attention, too!

6. Once you’re done with the body, start wetting the dog’s head and face with the cloth. Also give some care on his wrinkles and nose.

7. Now apply shampoo on his head while shielding the canine’s eyes. Don’t rub for so long.

8. Rinse the shampoo on his head and face while still covering his eyes. Afterwards, proceed with rinsing the rest of his body.

9. Dry your English bulldog with a clean towel and don’t forget to pay extra attention to his wrinkles and skin-folds. Once most of the water is gone, use a hairdryer to completely dry his fur.

10. Remove the cotton balls from his ears. Using cotton swabs, clean the visible area of the dog’s ear canal. This way, there won’t be any water left that could promote the growth of bacteria inside his ear.

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