Looking for a French Bulldog Sale? Check Out These Top 12 Facts!

French Bulldog saleWhy choose a Frenchie to bring home to your family?  Wanna know about where it came from and its characteristics? Read on to check out our top 12 trivia!

  1. The French Bulldog is a companion dog.  He originated in the UK as a miniature Bulldog, however, he accompanied British lacemakers to France, hence the moniker “Frenchie”.
  2. This is a rare breed, and it’s quite hard to get your hands on one of these bat-eared cuties!
  3. This dog has a very easygoing personality. They are free thinkers and laid back (think: days lounging around the couch) They aren’t aggressive and vicious.
  4. They love human affection. They aren’t the type you can leave outside the house to be a guard dog.  They’re more of the hugs and kisses type of dog.
  5. They don’t need long exercises. You can opt to bring them out for quick walks everyday instead.
  6. They cannot tolerate too much heat. If it’s summer or if you live in a very hot climate, be sure to provide them with a lot of water and keep an eye on them to make sure they aren’t overexerted.
  7. Bulldogs can be trained like any other breed, however, they can sometimes be hard-headed. All you need is a little patience.
  8. This breed can also be good watchdog and sometimes be territorial. They love being the center of attraction!
  9. Like any other Bullie, they go well with kids and the elderly!
  10. They are very easy to groom and need the occasional brushing to ensure they have a healthy coat.
  11. They don’t bark too much, therefore – great for your apartment! (no neighbors complaining about the noise!)
  12. Mind you, this adorable breed also drools, sheds and snorts – but those are the things that make them unique and cute!

So, if you’re ready to bring one home, contact us today to get financing on our French Bulldog sale.

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