Food Items That You Should Not Feed To Your English Bulldogs

food items that you should not feed to your English bulldogsIt’s every pet owner’s wish to see his canine strong and healthy. We’re pretty sure that you want to see your pup running around and playing with everyone at home. We also know that you want to feed him well. It’s already so cute that a little chubbiness won’t hurt, right?! The thing is, you have to be very careful when it comes to the food items you introduce to your pet. A certain food that’s generally okay for humans doesn’t necessarily make it okay for English bulldogs. For all you know, it may actually be lethal for your furry friend. And with that being said, we want to give you a list of the things that you should never let your dogs ingest. Here they are:

1. Avocado

Avocados contain persin, a substance that when taken in large amounts can be toxic for your dog. Aside from the fruit, you should also keep your canine away from the avocado plant because the said substance is found all over it.

2. Chocolate

Everyone knows that this sweet stuff is definitely a no-no for dogs. It contains theobromine, a toxic agent that may cause your pet to have an upset stomach, vomit or to thirst excessively. In worst cases, it may also cause tremors, seizures, abnormal heart rhythm and even death.

3. Alcohol

Just because you enjoy your beer doesn’t necessarily mean that your pup will enjoy it, too. Alcohol can cause diarrhea and vomiting on dogs. It may also affect their nervous system therefore giving them problems with their coordination and breathing and in worst cases, get into a coma or die. The smaller the dog, the higher the effects of alcohol on it.

4. Garlic and Onion

We love onions and garlic in our food simply because their flavors make our dishes even more delicious. However, remember to keep these spices away from your English bulldog. Once ingested, they can damage your pet’s red blood cells thus resulting to anemia. You’ll know your dog is in trouble when it is weak, throwing up, breathless and has lost its appetite.

5. Grapes

Reports have shown that grapes and raisins have been causing kidney failure among canines. Although there is no clear explanation as to why that happens, it is confirmed that even a small amount of these fruits can actually make your bulldog sick. It will vomit repeatedly and may even get lethargic or depressed.

6. Caffeine

You name it. Tea. Coffee. Soda. Anything that has caffeine in it should never be fed to your dog because it will actually poison them. When taken in large quantities, caffeine may cause palpitation, tremors, breathlessness and restlessness, too.

7.  Milk

Don’t believe what you see in the cartoons. Milk is not really great for dogs for the reason that it can upset their stomachs and even cause diarrhea.

8. Candy

Gum, candies and even some pastries get their sweetness from a substance called xylitol. The problem is that when this is ingested by your dog, it will increase the insulin in its body. That said, expect your dog’s blood sugar to drop and its liver to sooner or later fail.

9. Raw Eggs, Meat and Fish

Letting your bulldog eat raw eggs, meat or fish will increase the risk of food poisoning due to bacteria. Eggs also have an enzyme that sort of disrupts the absorption of vitamin B which will give your dogs skin problems in the long run. Raw fish, on the other hand, may contain a parasite that can make your dog ill. Some symptoms include the presence of fever, vomiting and large lymph nodes.

10. Salt and Salty Food Items

Making your English bulldog eat too much salty food may lead to excessive thirst. Not only that, it may also cause urination and sodium ion poisoning. You’ll know that your pet is struggling with these if it’s depressed, vomiting, having tremors or suffering from diarrhea. You’ll also notice that it has high body temperature. When not treated, it may lead to seizures and even death.

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