Top 10 Trivia on English Bulldogs

english bulldog pup for saleJust like any other breed of dogs, English Bulldogs are unique on its own. While they can be classified as ‘bulldogs’, they differ in so many ways from other bulldogs such as the Frenchies and the American Bulldogs.
Here are some fun facts about them that you might not want to miss:

• English Bulldogs were actually developed for bull baiting. In the 13th Century, bull baiting served a practical purpose, that is to gather bulls for castration. During those times, bulldogs served as shepherds for the big bulls. In that same era, bull baiting also became a popular blood sport and English bulldogs were obligated to join the deadly and brutal type of entertainment.
• Six centuries later, England banned bull baiting and this modification in the system drastically changed the breed of English Bulldogs. From ferocious and athletic beasts, bulldogs became companions thus bred to be friendlier and a tad smaller.
• Technically all breeds belong to one specie, dogs. However, over the years selective breeding has caused physical differences, oftentimes causing complications. Years of breeding of English Bulldogs caused their heads to grow so large in the womb, making it impossible for them to be born naturally. Eighty percent of bulldog births are done via C-section.
• An English Bulldog ranks the 5th Most Popular Dog Breed in American according to the American Kennel Club, and they top the list in Los Angeles and New York.
• Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, despite being tagged as the British Bulldog, does not own one. He owned a pug.
• English Bulldogs are the most popular mascots in America. Nearly 40 universities name their teams after this breed, and that doesn’t include the rest of smaller schools who are using the same breed as their mascot. Not only that, but Mack Trucks, the truck manufacturing company also uses the English Bulldog as their mascot which started in 1922.
• English Bulldogs are great in skateboarding. They might not be the most athletic one, but sure can maneuver a skateboard well.
• Only Warren G. Harding had an English Bulldog in the White House. The dog’s name was Oh Boy but he passed away early on his term and was later on replaced by an Airedale Terrier named Laddie Boy.
• In Westminster, two English Bulldogs received an award for the Kennel Club Dog: Prince Albert and Kippax Fearnought.
• English Bulldogs are not good swimmers. They are prone to drowning because their heads are quite big, a condition called the Bracycephalic Syndrome.


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