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Must Read English Bulldog Information for Your New Pup

It’s the big day! Time to bring home your new pup! You may think it’s really easy to take care of the new member of your family, but there are a few important things that you will need to know …

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What Vets Won’t Tell You When Buying an English Bulldog

Before you buy an English Bulldog, make sure that you have general knowledge about the breed and learn more about its background. Here, we will share with you some facts that vets won’t tell you.
As a buyer, you should be …

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Top Five Common Foods That Are Dangerous To Your Bulldogs

Some people think, if I can it eat, so can my dog. WRONG!  There are a handful of human foods that are poisonous to dogs.  Here are the top five in the our list:

Chocolate – If you have been feeding …

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Bulldog Care: Why Your Pet Needs Regular Vet Visits

Immunization is important to dogs as it is to humans. A lot of the most infectious and dangerous canine diseases can be easily prevented with vaccines. For everyone’s safety, do not take for granted your pet’s shots.
Like humans, a puppy …

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