8 Things You Need to Prepare Before You Buy French Bulldog Pups

buy French BulldogsThat adorable snout.. those cute eyes and those standing ears… ugggh! We’re in love!  Ready to bring home your new Frenchie?  Make sure you have these things ready before the big day!

Here are the things you will need:

Puppy food – Make sure you have the right type of food for your new pet.  Don’t settle for less – opt for premium dog food like Eukanuba,  Purina  Pro  Plan,  or  Life’s  Abundance.

Vitamins – Even dogs need supplements to help them grow and develop.  Give you pup vitamins such a NuVet Plus.

Medicine Kit – First aid is very important for humans and animals.  Have one ready with an antibacterial ointment, Benadryl or any vet prescribed antihistamine, hydrogen peroxide for wounds, Epsom salt for interdigital cysts and a toobrush/ tooth cleaner.

Collars/ Leash – You would want to train your dog to be accustomed to a collar and being walked on a leash.

Chew Toys – Bullies love to chew and what better way to exercise their jaw and sharpen their teeth than puppy friendly chew toys!

Grooming items – You’d also be needing the right shampoo for your dog.  Have some cotton balls ready to clean their eyes and ears, nail cutters, soap and some diaper rash ointment.

Trusted Expert – You would need a reliable veterinarian for your new pup.  But don’t just settle for ordinary pet doctors.  Find someone who has experience with French Bulldogs, and who is approachable.  During the first few months, you will have questions so it’s best to find someone you’re comfortable with.

Bed/ Dish/ Crate – Have you puppy bed ready!  Make sure he/ she has his dog dish too! If you prefer to crate train them, make sure this is set up before you bring your new family member home.

Owning a pet is such a fun experience.  So, before you buy French Bulldog puppies for your family, make sure to have these things ready! 🙂

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