Looking for Bulldog Pups for Sale? Read This Checklist First Before You Buy One!

bulldog pup for saleYou may be on the lookout for Bulldog pups for sale, but before you go ahead and purchase one, make sure that you are well prepared with the equipment and things you will be needing for your new family member.
The first thing you will need is your puppy’s warm and comfortable bed. There are many types and shapes available to choose from. Ideally, you can go for the plastic beds that are oval shaped. These are advisable since these are easily cleaned once dirty, and are chew resistant.

Be sure that the bed you will be choosing would give room for your new pup to stretch and lie down. Bulldog puppies grow up rapidly, that is why it is best for you to buy a roomy dog bed.

  • Do not use wicker basket dog beds, since Bulldogs are chronic chewers. These types do not resist a puppy’s jaws. It may also cause splinters or some small portions may be swallowed. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • When you have purchased a plastic dog bed, place a fitted cushion or an imitation cushion, also known as a vetbed. This is washable and durable.
  • Your puppy is kept dry since moisture passes through the bedding. If you notice the fabric or cushion starting to fall apart, replace it immediately.  You may be overly excited to search for puppies once you’ve bought a nice plastic bed for your future pet… but hold your horses, since there are a few more things you need to prepare before the big day.
  • You should also provide feeding bowls. But, do not go for just any feeding bowl. It should be large enough for your pet to eat comfortably, but not too large that may make your puppy dive in and fall into it.
  • Opt for stainless bowls over plastic ones. Stainless bowls do not retain odor and are hygienic. Provide one for food, and the other that will serve as your new pet’s water bowl. This is way better than plastic feeding bowls.
  • Aside from the usual dog food, feeding bowls, cage and dog beds, there is one thing I recommend you to buy for your new Bulldog – chew toys. They are aggressive chewers. Chewing allows a dog to release stress, and also helps him with his teething process.
  • What types of toys should you buy? Purchase hard nylon or even washable rubber chew toys. Try not to give natural bones and most especially, chicken bones. These bones may cause your puppy’s teeth to break, so it’s best to avoid them as a whole.

Since these dogs like to chew, these toys would not only be for him as a puppy, but also when he grows into an adult. Bulldogs love chewing all throughout their lives.   If you are all geared up and ready to take home your new member, look no further because you can buy quality Bulldogs right from FamilyBulldog.com! They will be able to answer all your questions and concerns or call them at (305) 508-4701.

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