10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bulldogs

puppies playingWhen it comes to popularity, Bullies are probably our best bet. Their history is quite long and illustrious making them all the more interesting. Despite their popularity, people still don’t know some facts about them. Here are ten interesting Bulldog facts:

1. In sports teams and mascots for universities, bulldogs are the most popular choice. The most famous one is from the University of Georgia team named Uga. Currently the university is looking for the 9th Uga as there have been 8 Ugas since 1956. Sonny Seiler is the one responsible in selecting the one who will fill this big responsibility.

2. According to the American Kennel Club, the Bulldog ranks as No. 1 in Los Angeles and French ones are No. 5. In overall ranking, however, Bulldogs rank 6th as the most popular breed in America while the French ones ranked 18th.

3. The only U.S. President to have a bulldog while serving was Warren G. Harding. “Oh Boy” as the bulldog was called passed away quite early during Harding’s term and was replaced by Laddie Boy as the First Dog.

4. Stella in Modern Family was played by Brigitte, the first ever bulldog to win a Golden Collar Award. She won the award over other competitors from Hot in Cleveland, Chelsea Lately, Suburgatory and Entourage, as well as the star of Wilfred, Jason Gann.

5. Originating from England in the 16th century, Bulldogs were believed to be a mix of pugs and mastiffs. The one most commonly referred to by the name “bulldog” are the English Bulldogs but other varieties such the American and French are also popular.

6. The bulldog’s respiratory issues contribute to their being the breed who suffered most air deaths. And aside from other medical concerns, they are also prone to hip dysplasia.

7. Most deliveries of bulldogs are done through Caesarean section as they have large heads making natural delivery hard for their mothers.

8. Because of being large-skulled, bulldogs do not sit well in water activities as they are always in danger for drowning when swimming.

9. Here are some of the celebrities who own bulldogs: Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Olsen, David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martha Stewart, Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman.

10. elBulli, the most famous haute cuisine restaurant in Catalonia, Spain has been named after the bulldogs owned by the owners of the land where it is located.

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