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Buying a Bulldog? Find Out if it is the Right Breed for You

Many people think that buying a Bulldog is easy. But, before you go and look for pups on sale on the newspaper or on the internet — think carefully. Is the breed really for you? Why do you want to …

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What Vets Won’t Tell You When Buying an English Bulldog

Before you buy an English Bulldog, make sure that you have general knowledge about the breed and learn more about its background. Here, we will share with you some facts that vets won’t tell you.
As a buyer, you should be …

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Top Five Common Foods That Are Dangerous To Your Bulldogs

Some people think, if I can it eat, so can my dog. WRONG!  There are a handful of human foods that are poisonous to dogs.  Here are the top five in the our list:

Chocolate – If you have been feeding …

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Six Tips on How to Train a Bulldog Puppy

Your bundle of joy is finally home!  You have everything ready, toys, puppy food and a nice cozy bed.  If you plan to keep your pup indoors, you might have your hands full since you’ll have your shares of cleaning …

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Cute Bulldog Puppies: What Makes This Breed So Adorable!

Looking to buy a new pet?  Leaning towards buying a new bulldog puppy? Well done, you’ve made a good choice!  Now what makes this breed so endearing?
Bulldogs are forever kids, they never grow up! Why do I say this? He …

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8 Things You Need to Prepare Before You Buy French Bulldog Pups

That adorable snout.. those cute eyes and those standing ears… ugggh! We’re in love!  Ready to bring home your new Frenchie?  Make sure you have these things ready before the big day!
Here are the things you will need:
Puppy food – …

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