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8 Common Bulldog Illnesses That You Should Be Aware Of

The first step to do before owning a certain breed is to know anything and everything about it. It is recommended to join local clubs to gather information from people who have experience raising that kind of breed.
One thing to …

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Bulldog Care: Why Your Pet Needs Regular Vet Visits

Immunization is important to dogs as it is to humans. A lot of the most infectious and dangerous canine diseases can be easily prevented with vaccines. For everyone’s safety, do not take for granted your pet’s shots.
Like humans, a puppy …

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Why You Should Buy a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs or commonly called “Frenchies” are very popular when it comes to pet choices. They are adorable, mischievous, unique and surprisingly sweet despite their tough physical attribute. Here are some points to consider before getting one:
Small with large personalities, …

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