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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bulldogs

When it comes to popularity, Bullies are probably our best bet. Their history is quite long and illustrious making them all the more interesting. Despite their popularity, people still don’t know some facts about them. Here are ten interesting Bulldog facts:
1. …

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Top 5 Best Activities for Your Pet Bulldog During Winter

Winter is not a good time to play with your bulldog outside. It’s snowy, cold and the pavements are slippery making the whole play thing uncomfortable and unsafe. Fortunately you and your dog can still enjoy the company of each …

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French or English Bulldog, Which One is Perfect for You?

The breed is quite popular among family pet breeds as they are loyal, curious, patient, friendly, intelligent, easy to train and has shown no aggression to the people around or to other dogs despite their tough physical attributes. Should you …

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7 Tips to Keeping Your Pet Bulldog Happy

What you need to make you happy and healthy are the very same things that will make your pets happy and healthy also: shelter, food, water, exercise, some fun and regular medical check-ups!
Here’s how you can keep a healthy and happy bulldog:

People …

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Looking for a French Bulldog Sale? Check Out These Top 12 Facts!

Why choose a Frenchie to bring home to your family?  Wanna know about where it came from and its characteristics? Read on to check out our top 12 trivia!

The French Bulldog is a companion dog.  He originated in the UK …

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8 Things You Need to Prepare Before You Buy French Bulldog Pups

That adorable snout.. those cute eyes and those standing ears… ugggh! We’re in love!  Ready to bring home your new Frenchie?  Make sure you have these things ready before the big day!
Here are the things you will need:
Puppy food – …

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Cute Bulldog Puppies: What Makes This Breed So Adorable!

Looking to buy a new pet?  Leaning towards buying a new bulldog puppy? Well done, you’ve made a good choice!  Now what makes this breed so endearing?
Bulldogs are forever kids, they never grow up! Why do I say this? He …

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Six Tips on How to Train a Bulldog Puppy

Your bundle of joy is finally home!  You have everything ready, toys, puppy food and a nice cozy bed.  If you plan to keep your pup indoors, you might have your hands full since you’ll have your shares of cleaning …

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Top Five Common Foods That Are Dangerous To Your Bulldogs

Some people think, if I can it eat, so can my dog. WRONG!  There are a handful of human foods that are poisonous to dogs.  Here are the top five in the our list:

Chocolate – If you have been feeding …

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5 Signs that Indicate Your Bulldog Puppy is Sick

You have done everything correctly and taken care of your pup so well – however, given the fact that we all get sick, our pets are also prone to various types of illnesses.  Sometimes the symptoms can be difficult to …

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