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Must Read English Bulldog Information for Your New Pup

It’s the big day! Time to bring home your new pup! You may think it’s really easy to take care of the new member of your family, but there are a few important things that you will need to know …

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Bulldog Care: Why Your Pet Needs Regular Vet Visits

Immunization is important to dogs as it is to humans. A lot of the most infectious and dangerous canine diseases can be easily prevented with vaccines. For everyone’s safety, do not take for granted your pet’s shots.
Like humans, a puppy …

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How to Choose the Right Bulldog Puppy for Your Family

So, you think it’s time to finally time to get a new bulldog puppy? Yaaay! Trust me, the most exciting part is picking the “one” from the litter.
I just love looking at photos of pups and figuring out who to get! …

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Seven Tips to Consider When Taking Care of Your French Bulldog

Despite their sturdy and stocky physical features, French Bulldogs or commonly known as “Frenchies” are affectionate and playful domestic dog. They are a cross between English Bulldogs and ratters in Paris.
Here are some steps to consider when taking care of …

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Tips When Buying English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Having a pet is really a rewarding experience. However, not everyone is privileged to have furry friends at home due to allergies or other unwanted situations. That is why, if you happen to have the time and the capability to …

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Looking for Bulldog Pups for Sale? Read This Checklist First Before You Buy One!

You may be on the lookout for Bulldog pups for sale, but before you go ahead and purchase one, make sure that you are well prepared with the equipment and things you will be needing for your new family member.
The …

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